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SKYPERS Language School

Six reasons why you should choose SKYPERS

  1. Hundreds of satisfied students substantially improve their language skills with us each year.
  2. Homely atmosphere. We do not want to grow bigger; we do want to grow better.
  3. We always tend to be fresh and interesting.
  4. Learning with us is fun, forget the dull memorising.
  5. Our expert teachers are highly experienced and posses great teaching skills.
  6. We know how to motivate people and can proudly declare that we can teach even the laziest layabouts!



Courses for public


Common courses




Group courses


We prefer teaching smaller group at SKYPERS – min 3, max 6 students.

Basic language course takes 3 terms, each term consists of 12 weeks.

Classes take place once a week, length of the class is 90 minutes (2x45-min classes in a row).

This appraoch proved efficient especially for people who are busy at work and can‘t manage to come to classes more than once a week.

We offer these group courses: English, German, Italian.





If you are looking for one-to-one or two-to-one lessons (meant for couples, business partners, co-workers, etc.), you will appreciate our VIP PASS programme. The teacher will be there exclusively for you and we can guarantee no more students will be added to your small group.


Slovak for foreigners - all levels


Slovak is spoken not exclusively in Slovakia. It is understood by most Slavonic speakers thanks to its vocabulary that forms the common core of Slavonic languages. If you want to live and work in Slovakia, not only will you appreciate Slovak in daily life, but you will be able to communicate fluently with Czech speakers as well.


Experienced SKYPERS teachers



No more browsing, you’ve found us. Our teachers are skilled, experienced and professional. Most teachers at SKYPERS have a diploma in applied linguistics and they must have at least one foreign language state exam certificate.

Mediatory languages used in Slovak for foreigners courses are English, German, French, Italian and Russian.

Course levels:

  • beginner
  • “false" beginner
  • pre-intermediate
  • intermediate
  • upper intermediate
  • advanced


Courses for companies


We provide all- year-round courses or short intensive programmes for professionals in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Slovak for foreigners.


Business communication courses


We provide courses of business English, German, French, Italian and Spanish on three levels from intermediate to advanced. The courses focus on written and spoken business communication.

We provide the courses for companies in the area of Piešťany, Nové Mesto nad Váhom or as agreed




Skypers - Piešťany

Kukučínova 19
921 01 Piešťany
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Mobil: 0917 920 556
Tel.: 033/77 40 164

Skypers - Nové Mesto nad Váhom

J. Haškova 18 (above Blue Note)
915 01 Nové Mesto nad Váhom
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Mobil: 0915 701 733