Naučíme aj totálnych darebákov!

Slovak for Foreigners

Bratislava Slovensko

Slovak for foreigners – all levels

Slovak language is spoken not only in Slovakia – it is also understood by other Slavic nations as its vocabulary has the same roots. It is almost fully understood by people speaking Czechand at the same time an essential helping tool for everyone living and working in Slovakia.

Well-experienced lecturers at Skypers

You can put an end to online searching. Our lecturers have all you need: long years of experience and a professional approach. Moreover, every lecturer at Skypers is required to have a diploma in applied linguistics and a degreein at least one foreign language.

When teaching Slovak, we use the following languages as a helping tool: English, German, French, Italian and Russian.

 Levels we teach in

  • beginner
  • false beginner
  • pre-intermediate
  • intermediate
  • upper-intermediate

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