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  • Každá správna odpoveď 1 bod.
  • Maximum je 70 bodov.
  • Test vyplňte v časovom limite 30 min.
  • Test vypĺňajte podľa vašich vedomostí, nepomáhajte si. Iba tak bude možné objektívne vyhodnotiť úroveň vašej jazykovej zdatnosti.
1. Grammar
Choose the best word or phrase to fill each gap.

1. Kate from Germany.
2. What's name?
3. Mark in London.
4. Where ?
5. I rain.
6. Katrina doesn't like in the morning.
7. Randolf can't very well.
8. What at the moment?
9. Oliver is interested art.
10. A dog is an animal walks on four legs.
11. What ? It looks delicious.
12. Julian is person I've ever met.
13. meet Paolo for lunch tomorrow.
14. That's the guy uncle lives next door to me.
15. I a really funny YouTube video when you called me.
16. I'm afraid I can't meet you tomorrow. lunch with an old friend.
17. We need to hurry up. We have time left.
18. " sushi?" "Yes, many times."
19. Would you mind me a little later?
20. Can you tell me where last night?
21. When here, I'll tell you everything.
22. If I you, Id go to bed early.
23. It's the end of the match! Spain the World Cup!
24. Michael works for BP and .
25. What if you won the lottery?
26. I regret the purple dress.
27. Where would you live if you to live anywhere?
28. I wish I so many problems right now.
29. If only John to my party tonight!
30. We should that he wouldn't come to the party.
31. The side mirror of my car is broken. I need to . Do you know a good mechanic?
32. Rosie isn't picking up her phone. She could .
33. Joe told me that for over an hour.
34. If I about your problem, I would have tried to help you.
35. I'd rather you me every five minutes!

2. Vocabulary
Choose the best word or phrase to fill each gap.

36. By this time next year, a new car.
37. Our next lesson is Tuesday.
38. Alison 12 years old.
39. I home at 6 o'clock every day.
40. Jane usually shopping on Saturdays.
41. I always TV in the evening.
42. Peter never the dishes after dinner.
43. I never rock music.
44. I always sightseeing when I travel.
45. What clothes do you at work?
46. "Can you pass me the salt?" "."
47. Can you give me a to the station?
48. "Would you like a dessert?" "No, thanks. Just the , please."
49. I can't hear anything. It's too quiet. Can you the volume?
50. I went to the bakery to buy a of bread.
51. You look different today. Have you your hair?
52. Can you me your dictionary? I'll give it back to you later.
53. Jack has made a lot of money this year. He can a luxury holiday.
54. When Joe found out that his wife was using his credit card again, he started to see .
55. Carl stealing the car radio, but nobody believed him.
56. It looked like a very interesting job, so I decided to for it.
57. During the meeting, Samuel argued that we need to hire more staff in order to develop the business. He made a good .
58. We couldn't see the sun. The sky was completely .
59. The police arrested Derek for . He was caught with a stolen television set.
60. I was over the when I found out that I'd aced the English exam.

Read the text.

An unusual job!

Have you seen a football match recently? If you have, I’m sure that you heard lots of comments about the referee as well as about the players! Referees have a very difficult job. They have to make quick and important decisions in the middle of a fast-moving game. And, of course, there are thousands of people shouting at them too. The crowd is never happy when the ref sends off their favourite player. Also, in football today there still isn’t the same technology as there is in other sports, like tennis. The job can get even more difficult when you’re a woman who is refereeing a men’s match!

There is no reason why there should not be the same number of male and female referees in the sport today. However, the number of female refs is still very low – particularly at the highest levels of professional football. This is something that one woman, Pat Dunn, who died in 1999, would have been very sad about.

Pat was the first woman in the UK to referee a men’s football match but she wasn’t allowed to do this for a long time. Pat was a strong supporter of women’s rights in sport and became President of the Ladies’ Football Association in 1969. Then she decided to train to be a referee. For a long time the Football Association refused to give her a certificate although she had passed the exams. But Pat continued fighting and she finally got permission in 1976. The next month she became famous when she refereed her first official FA game. Pat became a very good and successful referee and even saved a footballer’s life. She helped him when he was injured during a match!

Today there are some famous female referees, like Bibiana Steinhaus from Germany who has just refereed the final of the Women’s Football World Cup. Bibiana decided to become a referee at the age of 16 and later was the first female referee in the German men’s professional league. But there are only a few like her.

Football is still mainly a men’s game – both for players and referees. But for how long? Will we see more women referees in the future? We’d like to know what YOU think. So, please go online and leave a comment on our website. We’ll print the most interesting ones in the magazine next week.

A. Are the sentences true or false?

601. The article is from a magazine.
602. The writer says that women are better referees than men.
603. Pat Dunn is still alive today.
604. Pat didn’t get her referee certificate immediately.
605. Bibiana Steinhaus played in a football final.
B. Choose the best answers.

61. Referees have a difficult job because…
62. In the sport of tennis…
63. Who was Pat Dunn?
64. When was the first female referee in the UK appointed?
65. Bibiana Steinhaus…
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57-63 C1 - pokročilý
64-70 C2 - vysoko pokročilý